Yes, the contest and voting are over! Congratulations to these top three winners!

First Place: SuperSpyX: 19 votes: Bandit

Bandit's Getaway

Legodesertvignette 001

Second Place: Br1ck Animat0r: 14 votes: Sleepyhead

Bed time stories

Bedroom 1

Third Place: Power Jim: 6 votes

Power Jim's Entry: Clockwork Robot

The Cogwork workshop

Robot Workshop

Congratulations guys! I'm going onto chat tonight (about 11 PM, 5 AM for you UK guys.) to get the winners addresses, so make sure to be on!

Here were the voting results:

SSX: 19 votes

BA: 14 votes

PJ: 6 votes

PZ: 3 votes

CP: 2 votes

MM: 1 vote

Thank you all so much for entering, the contest was very fun, and I hope you all enjoyed it! I might not do another contest like this, I don't know. Thanks!


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