Hey everyone! This news blog's theme today is: Comic Con!

As we all know, San Diego Comic Con 2012 is happening! Here's what to expect at the LEGO Booth:

  • A Darth Maul mini-set
  • A Build-a-Bilbo Baggins scavenger hunt. (You get to keep Bilbo, I believe)
  • The unveiling of a Rancor Pit set.
  • 5 inch-models of Green Ninja, Batman, Spiderman, and Luke Skywalker!
  • The new The Hobbit Bag End (?) set.
  • The new Super Heroes minifigures for 2013.
  • A special announcement for Ninjago!
  • Free Venom, Phoenix, Shazam!, and Bizarro minifigures! (Raffles)

To anyone who's going, have fun! I'd pay you for your troubles for a Bilbo or Phoenix ;)

World 5 The Hobbit Minifigures Revealed! World


World The Hobbit Set List Rumours! World

  • Mystery of the Ring
  • Fleeing from the Mirkwood Spiders
  • Attack of the Wargs
  • Cave of King Orc
  • Bag End

Odd thing is, the set numbers are 5 digits! Hope that isn't true!

World SDCC Super Heroes Minifigures Revealed World

World Bag End Revealed! World

Bag End

World Rancor Pit Revealed! World


Mysterious Joker Figure


Minifigures Series 8!

8833 preview

They look amazing!



  • Eurobricks - CallMePie for the Hobbit Image
  • LEGO for telling SDCC stuff
  • Eurobricks - TheDarkness for Hobbit Sets

That's all I have for now. Post new news below!

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