Hello everyone, CM4S back here with another news blog.

World MOCpages Community Member "Heather Braaten/HeatherLEGOGirl" is Missing World

I had to make this the top post. If you're a member of MOCpages, you may know Heather. Please refer to the link below for more info.

FlagUk Series 7 in the UK. FlagUk

It seems that 8831 Minifigures Series 7 is available in the Kingdom of the United. Located at John Lewis stores. Eurobricks users WhiteFang and SilentMode have bought some packs, and WhiteFang brought us an awesome review.


Look at that review here.

World Hi-res LOTR set pics. World

Eurobricks user grogall shares with us hi-res photos of the new Lord of the Rings sets.

Find the rest on the set pages.

FlagUk Marvel sets in the UK. FlagUk

A few people have spotted the new Marvel sets in the shop John Lewis.


If only they were in the US now.

World Nick Fury and Spider-Man set minifigures revealed at last! World

Wow, what a day for news. It seems that the new Marvel set instructions have some images in them. They revealed the new minifigures.

World Minifigures Site Update with Series 7. World

Looks like the Minifigures site was updated today. Take a look at it here!



FlagUs NRG Ninjago Ninjas on eBay. FlagUs

Apparently, the NRG Ninjago guys are on eBay. Link here.


  • To EB user "grogall" for the LOTR pics
  • To various EB users for the Marvel pics
  • To Brickset for sharing the Marvel sets in stores pic


Stop demanding an update, people. It's rude.

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