FlagUs Friends sets out! FlagUs

Eurobricks member daoudbazaar shares what he found last Sunday:

Read his full review here.

World Friends commercial!

Another video, but for the new Friends line!

LEGO Friends Vet00:20

LEGO Friends Vet

LOTR Confirmed?

More Eurobricks news! Member SkaForHire mentions in a post that during his local visit to a LEGO Store, the manager confirmed LOTR. Here's the actual post:

"I was in a Lego store today, the manager confirmed LOTR, but when I asked about Pirates, they said they had heard nothing about anything new - apparently POTC did not sell well."

This could be exciting...or not.

World 9457 Crane Wrecking Ball Revealed! World

These photos were found on LEGO's cache recently:

Looks like an amazing set!


  • Member daoudbazaar for the Friends picture and review.
  • YT user HKTOYSRUS for the Friends video.
  • Member SkaForHire for the LOTR confirmation.
  • Everything else made by me.

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