Wow, it's been 3 months since I've made a blog e-e

Anyway, just a quick blog sharing what I have coming in the next month or so:

First of all, yes, I am finishing The Battle for Brickipedia. I know, I've been holding it off for a while. No need to worry. I have 2 more sets planned, right now I'm building the big '$70' set.

And now, new projects!!:

MLP - A new theme I'm starting! Based on one of my favorite shows. I've made a few sets, but I'm remaking them so they're more 'Official LEGO-set' looking. I published a Discord Ultrabuild last night. Expect about 2 more and then some sets. (@Br1ck and Storm)

Chima - I have a few sets planned, I've made a Lion Mech, a small Raven vehicle, some other things. I'm planning to add a Penguin Tribe.

The Incredibles - Recently, I've been watching movies on trips, then thinking of what LEGO sets I could make out of them. I've watched this movie about 4 times within the last month (for some reason) and I have a few ideas planned.. ;)

Oh, and I'm thinking of joining the sig-fig train. Maybe, maybe not. Don't expect anything.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Stay tuned!

- L2H

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