It's not necessarily good or bad news, but I'll get to the point:

Yesterday, Meiko announced he left Brickimedia to go work as a news reporter/database admin on Brickset. You can see his first report here. He left the Skype group, and put an inactive message on all of his Media accounts. He said he wasn't coming back, so don't ask any questions. Some snippets of a conversation I had with Meiko:

[11/1/2013 10:59:20 PM] George Barnick: I'm leaving Brickipedia/Brickimedia
[11/1/2013 11:00:12 PM] George Barnick: Don't bother asking any questions
[11:08:03 AM] George Barnick: I left Brickipedia because I hate the place
[11:08:08 AM] George Barnick: So I went someplace else
[11:08:13 AM] George Barnick: Simple as that

Also, Nuff has asked me to link this, and to look at the recent pictures he's posted on the wiki.

Lcawte and Ajr still have ownership of the Facebook and whatever social media site pages, in case you were wondering.

So... yeah.

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