Upcoming Lego Theme the New Lego Theme is Phineas and Ferb Sets and Robot Conquest Sets Is Coming for Next Year in Summer 2013 Robot Conquest Minifigure the Space Villain is assumed placeholder, Robot is assumed placeholder,(Civilian)Traffic Cop is assumed placeholder and The New Minfigure The (Civilian)Bussiness Worker Female,The Robot Defense Unit Soldier,News Reporter Male,The (Civilian) Driver,The (Civilian)Person Male and Female,The (Civilian)The RESISTANCE Survivor,The(Civilian)Paramedic,SWAT Bots and Robots Armies The Swat Bots is the Ultra Building the New Helmat Which is Similar to Bionical and Hero Factory and Robot Arimes is a New Minifigure a New Cyborg Arm and Legs The New Face for ,The (Civilian) Driver,The (Civilian)Bussines…

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