Firstly, I want to say thank-you. Thank-you to Nighthawk leader for sticking to this wiki for four and a half years. Thank-you to him for all the work he has put into making this work. Nighthawk leader is one of the core people of this wiki, maybe even the core person. We say thank-you for his ideas, his templates, and his work here. Without him, this wiki would be a tiny dot on Wikia's servers. Now, we are the tenth most active wiki on Wikia, and one of the biggest. In some ways, we don't even need another tribute to Nighthawk leader's work; this very wiki is a tribute to all that he has done.

Now, Brickipedia goes on, although without the presence and guidance of Nighthawk leader. Who knows? Maybe he will come back in the future. In the meantime, we should continue to make this wiki as good as it can be. We edit… and create… and upload… and hope that someday he will come back. Together, we can continue the work that Nighthawk leader has, in many ways, started.

To quote Tahu from the closing of BIONICLE,

Come, my friends, new and old. It is time to begin.

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