1. Mermaid- with seaweed
  2. King Arthur- with new sword (same as Knight) and new crown/hair piece (small crown)
  3. Schoolgirl- with pencil and backpack
  4. Pirate- with cutlass, parrot, bottle, and a new sheath piece
  5. Legionary- with spear, shield, backpack, and helmet
  6. Golfer- with golf clubs
  7. Chef- with rolling pin and bread
  8. Sheriff- with pistols
  9. Shogun- with golden armour and katana
  10. Space Explorer- with green laser gun
  11. Knight- with new sword and shield
  12. Farmer- with pitchfork
  13. Minotaur- with curved sword
  14. Fairy- with magic wand
  15. Fireman- with axe and fire extinguisher
  16. Businessman- with laptop

These are my ideas. Just my ideas, so please, please, please, nobody say: Source? What do you think of my ideas?

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