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    If you use Google Translate on this site from this blog, you see this at the top:

    Note that the launch of this series of sets is announced for the month of May 2012, a video game LEGO Super Heroes is scheduled for the month of June, and two cartoon series titled Green Lantern and Justice Young will be broadcast on TV.

    If this is right, that means there will be a LEGO Super Heroes video game and a TV show! WOOHOO! Well it can just mean a show only for Green Lantern, but that site IS about LEGO Super Heroes. I guess we'll see soon.

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  • Captain Moch

    Hello Brikipedians, and I am excited to tell you that I have made more custom LEGO minifigures! They are all seen in the galleries below.

    Thank you for looking at them! Please comment. And look at how many minifigures it took me to make all of them with!

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  • Captain Moch

    Series 6 Ideas

    July 11, 2011 by Captain Moch

    Since I am hoping that the Collectible Minifigures theme will continue, I made up some ideas for the possible Series 6.

    • Snake Charmer with Snake, Flute, and Turban
    • Football Player with Football, Trophy, and Helmet
    • Sea Beast with Trident and Finns
    • Librarian with Book and Dress
    • Vet with Shot and Hamster
    • Army Soldier with Pistol and Binoculars
    • Female Skateboarder with Skateboard
    • Chef with Fork, Bread, and toque
    • Fashion Model with Hairbrush and Mirror
    • Musician with Trumpet
    • Tap Dancer with Cane
    • Teenage Girl with Phone
    • Sorcerer with Wand
    • Paper Boy with Bike and Newspaper
    • Judge with Hammer
    • Goblin

    On comments, you can share some ideas.

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  • Captain Moch

    Hello my fellow Brickipedians! Today, since I had nothing better to do, I used some of my minifigure's parts to make some custom minifigures. I made them based on the popular film/book series, The Chronicles of Narnia. I have some pictures that I can show you.

    Pretty good, huh? I mean, they're not the best, but I couldn't find too many good pieces. Please do not be mean about this! Thanks for looking!

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  • Captain Moch

    Hello my follow Brickipedians, I am just commenting that the new LEGO Star Wars sets like Anakin and Subulba's Podracers and Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator are not available in America yet. Brickipedia doesn't have any information if it will release in America at all, and on it said that it isn't available in America. I probably am not looking closely enough (and I am sorry if I am) but if you know it will be in America, please comment. Thank you very much! :)

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