Since I am hoping that the Collectible Minifigures theme will continue, I made up some ideas for the possible Series 6.

  • Snake Charmer with Snake, Flute, and Turban
  • Football Player with Football, Trophy, and Helmet
  • Sea Beast with Trident and Finns
  • Librarian with Book and Dress
  • Vet with Shot and Hamster
  • Army Soldier with Pistol and Binoculars
  • Female Skateboarder with Skateboard
  • Chef with Fork, Bread, and toque
  • Fashion Model with Hairbrush and Mirror
  • Musician with Trumpet
  • Tap Dancer with Cane
  • Teenage Girl with Phone
  • Sorcerer with Wand
  • Paper Boy with Bike and Newspaper
  • Judge with Hammer
  • Goblin

On comments, you can share some ideas.

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