I have an idea for some Mocing. Mutiple factions, chose a faction to build for.


In the lands of Lego a power struggle has begun, many factions have becoame enemy or friends. Dormant fortifactions are now busy with soldiers, even the peaceful forests have now become battlegrounds


The crownies pride themselve on an organised army and free trade. They are quite friendly with the lion Knights and forestmen, but that may change. The crownies are enimes of the Orcs
Crown Knight 10

Lion Knights

The lion knights are expert fighters and farmers. The lion knights host the annual games, including an areana and Jousting. The lion Knights are friendly withe the crownies and forestmen but hate the Dragon Knights

Kingdoms Archer

The Lion Knights standard crossbow man

Kingdoms Soldier

A standerd lion Pikeman


Living in the great forests just south of the Crownies and Lion knight's land, the forestmen are expert archers and hunters. Friends with Crownies and lion Knights but enemy's of the Elves

  • Members
  • Brick Bobby

Dragon knights

Cruel and harsh in battle and expert raiders. The Dragon knights have no friends but hate the lion knights even more
Dragon Knight 8


The Orcs are warriors, dispise their fowl treatment at the hands of the crownies. Friends with the trolls and eniems of the crownies and elves


The elves are highly intellgiant warriors who are clever in combat. Enimes of the Dwarves, orcs and Forestmen


The Dwarves live in the tall mountains of the North. Enimies of the Elves and trolls


While not good soliders being undead makes them harder to kill. Enimes of Everyone


Trolls are big and often found helping the orcs. they are enimeis of the Dwarves

how to sign up

To sign up

  • Chose a faction
  • Post in comments
  • start building lego for your faction

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