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October 19, 2010
  • Cligra

    Warning- this blog is gonna be pretty stream of consciousness, and may or may not be 100% comprehensible. It also contains melodramatics. You have been warned.

    So, Brickimedia is dead. Killed by some hacking morons, and there wasn't much of a backup made yet. And Ajr doesn't want to start again, or something? I've managed to piece this together from the bits and pieces of information I've found- It's not as if anyone actually put together a comprehensive look at what's going on.

    When Brickimedia was in full swing importing, I wasn't active there, as A: contributing to an incomplete site didn't interest me, and B: for some reason, I couldn't import files. However, less then a week before the crash, I started contributing again. I started enjoy…

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  • Cligra

    Just squidding!

    April 19, 2013 by Cligra

    Sometimes conversations on chat just kinda jump out at you. But sometimes you just know an oportuna-ty when you sea it.

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  • Cligra

    Welcome to the Monthly MOC Compettion Winners blog!
    Special Announcement: The Monthly MOC Competiton will now be hosted on Brickimedia Customs, in preparation for our move.

    Beauty and the Beast Castle

    I love it.

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows- Climax Nicely done. It has a good level of detail, and actually looks like a set LEGO could release.

    Loki's Arrival I would have liked some detail on the minifigure faces, but still, nice job.

    As always, the winners can use this shiny template:

    This month's theme is City. You can interpret that as the theme, or as anything related to a city that you would like to build.
    And once again, I stress, the contest is now being hosted on Brickimedia Customs.

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  • Cligra

    Welcome to the inevitably late MOC Competition Winners Blog!

    Imperial Port Attack

    This is awesome.
    No, seriously. Gallery.

    This month's theme is Movies. Anything from a movie, related to a movie, or just vaguely justifiable in some vague way goes.

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  • Cligra

    A Very Heartlake Christmas

    December 24, 2012 by Cligra

    So, I started building this for the F12 MOC day, but it didn't really get done, and anyway, I wanted to incorporate some advent calendar builds... So, here we are, and Merry Christmas!

    Such a cute Christmas couple

    The centre of town

    Andrea + Friend

    Christina and her canine companions

    Mia and Steph warm themselves by the fire

    Partial overview

    Partial overview

    That figure in the corner looks strangely familiar...

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