Sometimes conversations on chat just kinda jump out at you. But sometimes you just know an oportuna-ty when you sea it.

King of Nynrah On the internet, nobody knows you're a salmon
King of Nynrah NOBODY
CzechMate *sweats*
CzechMate How'd you know?
How'd you tell I was a salmon?
King of Nynrah I thought something smelled... fishy
CzechMate Ever wonder why I like penguins? So they don't eat me D:
Cligra How troutfull of you, KoN.
King of Nynrah ...the penguins have been holding him ransom all these years, Clig
CzechMate You snapped out there, Clig.
You went red when you snapped. 
Cligra Glub
CzechMate @KoN Don't tell them D:
They'll take me...
and then...
Cligra Well, codviously. :P
King of Nynrah And the penguins will storm Denmark and demand to be part of the next Chima wave
CzechMate I still look barabeutifal.
Cligra Dolphinately.
CzechMate @KoN They've already made it so!
Cligra Am I herring this aright?
King of Nynrah Oh crab, they're onto us
Cligra Quick! This in finnportant!
CzechMate That
King of Nynrah Well hurry up, I haven't cuttle day
CzechMate is
racist, clig.
Cligra Oh, clam up, you. 
CzechMate What do you have against finnish people D:
(if u c wat i did der, u is cool)
Cligra This conversation just tunad nasty! :O
King of Nynrah We'll have to fish for a new subject D:
Cligra It's positively krilling. 
King of Nynrah Stop your whaling :P
Cligra How koi, KoN. 
CzechMate Surely Clig knows it.
King of Nynrah Sure, he rules the reef
Cligra That was my clamclusion.
CzechMate Emagawd.
My penguin is waddling mad, krilling all in'is way.
Stop being so shelfish with your fish jokes, Cligra.
King of Nynrah Well at least we're not coralling.
Cligra But I'm positively eelated.
CzechMate That has seeled the deal, Cligra.
Cligra Draw your whalepon! Today, we duel!
CzechMate I will krill you merifully, you clam!
Cligra This is absolute lunasea!
King of Nynrah Shark, the battle commences!
CzechMate Stop your sharking at me, young clam
I'll fin-ish you up in your gills, Krill face!
Cligra *proceeds to fishhook czech*
CzechMate Yarr, we get a few fish rock up on land, they don't last long. Not 'round here.
Cligra Soon you'll be singing a different tuna.
CzechMate I will krill you for that.
King of Nynrah This is absolutely bloody manta-l!
CzechMate Revenge is a dish best served fishy.
Cligra *best served cod
King of Nynrah Oh ray-lly? 

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