Welcome to the Monthly MOC Compettion Winners blog!
Special Announcement: The Monthly MOC Competiton will now be hosted on Brickimedia Customs, in preparation for our move.

First place: Soupperson1

Beauty and the beast Castle
BATB Castle open
Beauty and the Beast Castle

I love it.

Second place: Omega X.23

Sherlock Holmes (1)
Sherlock Holmes (1)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows- Climax Nicely done. It has a good level of detail, and actually looks like a set LEGO could release.

Third place: CzechMate


Loki's Arrival I would have liked some detail on the minifigure faces, but still, nice job.


As always, the winners can use this shiny template:

{{user contest|March}}

Up next...

This month's theme is City. You can interpret that as the theme, or as anything related to a city that you would like to build.
And once again, I stress, the contest is now being hosted on Brickimedia Customs.

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