Welcome to the inevitably late MOC Competition Winners Blog!

First place: Lego-dark-knight0518

Brickbeard attack
Brickbeard attack
Imperial Port Attack

This is awesome.
No, seriously. Gallery.

Second place: Starcracker

Steampunk Pirates!
Steampunk Pirates!
Futuristic-Steampunk Pirates Vs (normal) Ninjas

Steampunk pirates? Ninjas? Top-heavy mechanical thingamawhatsits? Fantastic.

Third place: CzechMate


Shipwreck Island While first and second place were pretty obvious to me, third was a close call between a few different entries. Congratulations, Czech!


As usual, the winners can use this shiny template:

{{user contest|February}}

Up next...

This month's theme is Movies. Anything from a movie, related to a movie, or just vaguely justifiable in some vague way goes.

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