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The title about says it all.

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Masters of spinjitzu

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According to LEGO Club Magazine, the third series of the hugely popular Ninjago TV show, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitz is set to debut on July 18th, 8:PM EDT! For me, LEGO Televisoon shows can't get better than Edward and Friends, but I suppose some people might not fully share that view.

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Following on from that news, A new CN Series is set to air sometime in 2013. I
Official Comment:
Also, on the heels of the hugely successful Ninjago launch in 2011—currently the #1 show across 1st Quarter 2012 with all boys—a new partnership with LEGO for a second series was announced by the network as it continues to build on its slate of diverse content.
So, we don't know what the show is yet, but it's good to know it exists...

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Captain Marvel

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From the Comic-Con schedule for July 13:
"Join ever-informed, fancentric WAC Podcast hosts George Feltenstein, Matthew Patterson, and DW Ferranti as they give fans a look at the upcoming DVD release of the popular 1970s series Shazam! The series’ own Billy Batson, Michael Gray, will be on hand, and an exclusive, limited-edition Shazam! LEGO figure will be awarded to a lucky number of fans in attendance."


  • Mr.Brick, for reporting the new CN Show.