Here we go:

212th Legion

Cody:Me Waxer: Boil: Wooley: Trapper: Chopper: Other decorated armor 212th troops:(0/50) Rookies:(0/100)


Gunners: (0/10) Pilots:(0/5)

501st Legion

Rex: Master jimbo Denal: Echo: Fives: Boomer: Torrent Company Jet troopers:(1/2) Torrent Company Marked clones:(0/10) Rookies from torrent company: (0/50) Rookies from 501st legion:(0/100)

Coruscant Guards

Fox: Thire: Jek: Rys: Security troopers: (0/100) Senate commandos: (0/50) Shock Troopers: (0/200) Coruscant shielded guards: (0/500)


Wolffe: Wolfpack troopers: 0/20 Comet: Sinker: Boost: Rookies:0/100

Horn Company

Clone Commander Loth: Horn Company Troops:0/50

41st Legion

Gree: Elite troops:0/70 Rookies:0/80

327th Legion

Bly: Marked:0/20 Rookies:0/80

That's all finally.

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