This is a great set with 3 new minifigures. The ARC trooper has to be one of the best minifigure lego has ever made detailwise. The new ARF looks similar to the old one except the visor is slightly curved up and the red markings. The Commando droid is a bit weird because of the brown magnaguard legs but otherwise a great sculpt. The set comes with two commando droids.


  • 3 great new figs
  • Flickfire missile easy to use
  • Extra visors and headlights
  • ARC trooper comes with great new kama and pauldron which allows sitting, the bane of my other clone commanders
  • Cannon rotates up and down about 70 degrees


  • Cannon muzzle looks a little odd
  • Commando droid legs
  • Set should have been larger; the cannon is too large (clone wars tv show) for a battle pack remake

Overall, this is an excellent set but mostly for the figs. It costs around $US 12.99 and i give it a 9/10.

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