The 7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack is a great set and I reccomend it to anyone who wants to diversify their minifigure collection. The set costs around USD $12.99-14.99 depending on where you get it.


  • Four all new mandalorians
  • Awesome turret
  • speeder
  • Big base turet


  • Turret only goes at a 45 degree angle if a mandalorian is holding it
  • weird faces (good they have helmets)
  • speeder's handle comes off easily
  • all the same fig, maybe one with dif printing (assassin)


  • Four mandalorians with gray jetpacks

Overall, this is an excellent set and you can easily build an army of mandalorians with it. I give this set a 9 out of 10. Clone Commander FoxCommander Fox 16:15, January 21, 2011 (UTC)

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