From what I can gather the following Admins have stated that they either refuse to go back to Wikia or are just using the hacking of the Brickimedia server as a good excuse to finally leave the online LEGO community:

  • CzechMate, I shall miss that Crazy Penguin guy.
  • Klagoer
  • NightblazeSaber, never really got to know him, I believe that he didn't like chat or just didn't use it.

Soon it'll just be me, the only one of the older Admins left (unless I'm mistaken with some Admins who're staying) - well, actually, I've been trying to leave this site for months now but I just can't seem to. The only real things that are actually stopping me is that there are a very few users who I actually still like to talk to occasionally and the fact that I've spent nearly three years on this site and I just can't bring myself to end something that has just become a part of my life.

I respect their choices to leave and wish them all good luck with whatever they choose to better spend their time doing.

If I've gotten anything wrong with the list of users leaving please correct me.

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