• Commandogregor1234

    This is my version of review. If you want, comment down below and share your thoughts!

    First Order Battle Pack-A good set. A nice way to cheaply get First Order Stormies and crew. The Gunner trooper is nice, though I'd trade him in for a regular Stormie

    Resistance Battle Pack-LOVE LOVE LOVE the helmets! I just wish the commander had one. Also, I could live without that speeder.

    Rebel Alliance Battle Pack-A nice set from Battlefront. The varied legs, faces, species, and torsos shows diversity. I also am a fan of the Jump Packs.

    Galactic Empire Battle Pack-Nice set. Another Battlefront pack. The "veteran" stormies look very interesting, especially with the white jump packs. And don't get me started on that ShockTrooper-amazing! The officer is ni…

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