This is my version of review. If you want, comment down below and share your thoughts!

First Order Battle Pack-A good set. A nice way to cheaply get First Order Stormies and crew. The Gunner trooper is nice, though I'd trade him in for a regular Stormie

Resistance Battle Pack-LOVE LOVE LOVE the helmets! I just wish the commander had one. Also, I could live without that speeder.

Rebel Alliance Battle Pack-A nice set from Battlefront. The varied legs, faces, species, and torsos shows diversity. I also am a fan of the Jump Packs.

Galactic Empire Battle Pack-Nice set. Another Battlefront pack. The "veteran" stormies look very interesting, especially with the white jump packs. And don't get me started on that ShockTrooper-amazing! The officer is nice, too.

Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter-Looks just like Anikin's :P

Carbon Freezing Chamber-A good way to get a new version of Boba Fett. I bet it has lots of action features.

Battle on Hoth-Another good way to get a new Hoth Han Solo, along with some Hoth Rebel troopers and one Snowtrooper. The terrain is nice, but that Probe Droid isn't my favorite.

Battle on Takodana-Probably overpriced, but I like the scenery. It looks very professional. Finn comes with a lightsaber, as well as a Faced Kylo. It seems that Stormie's new Lightsaber resistance staff is included from the trailer. Includes more of the regular stormies.

Resistance troop transport-Seems fairly priced. Princess Leia is a nice figure and more of those swag-helmeted troopers are included. Also, some Mon Calamari Guy is included whose name I can't see.

Kanan's Speeder Bike-A small set. The Bike is a little big, but I do like the containers. Kanan is a good figure, as always. Not a fan of the Biker. Can't they just make a mold?

Homing Spider Droid-Of course, includes a Spider droid. I like the new Yoda!

A-Wing-No images have been released yet.

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