Hello, Brickipedia, this is Concernedalien11780. I have been a fan of the Lego brand ever since I was five, especially the Bionicle theme. Around age thirteen, however, I lost my creative spark in the area of construction, though I still try to keep my mind open to the brand because of nostalgia and the wide success of The Lego Movie. Unfortunately, the idea of adult Lego fans isn't as mainstream as it should be. There are many people who still think that the only people over the age of fourteen that build and/or play with Legos are people with extreme emotional development issues. I guess these kinds of people will never learn that there are worse things in the world than slightly immature men. Many people would rather die than live in a world in which their worldview has been proven wrong. It's a fact that adults build with Legos and, in general, aren't emotionally immature for it. The more subjective element is whether they should play with them even if it's not immediately unhealthy. While this happens with pretty much every piece of kids' media that manages to be popular with adults, for better or worse, a situation with Legos was the one that affected me the most personally. A counselor at a therapeutic boarding school I went to a few years back began to take it personally when another student played with minifigures in something of a juvenile manner, and I tried criticizing that counselor's attitude towards it, despite not liking that other student too much, and more being critical of the counselor's thought process. Because of the therapeutic boarding school setup, there was no way I could prove the counselor wrong, and it only ended when my time ended. I wonder if the mainstream success of The Lego Movie made him change his mind. Maybe he'd say something about not wanting to live in a world in which immaturity is rewarded or something. You don't have to like the fact that teens and adults consume children's media nowadays and it conflicts with your worldview, but there are better uses of your time than trying to "help" them with something that's not a problem. Just associate yourself with people that fit your definition of "mature" and leave those that make you so irrationally angry alone. Legos have been enhancing the lives of people of all ages (I repeat, ALL ages) for over eighty years, and we should not give up what we love because of some closed-minded wads. I disabled comments because of my paranoia about flame wars, so if you want to talk to me, please message me on the message wall of my userpage. Thank you for reading, and never stop building.

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