Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Confederacy of Independent Systems

    Which theme do you prefer more? Ninja or Ninjago?

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  • Confederacy of Independent Systems

    Join my army to take over the world from User Am-set Ra an his army and Agent Trace and his army.

    Count Dooku:User:Confederacy of Independent Systems

    General Grievous:

    Nute Gunray:

    Asajj Ventress:

    Tactical Droid (0/2):

    Battle Droid Commander (0/4):

    Super Battle Droid Commander (0/4):

    Rocket Droid Commander (0/4):

    Battle Droid (0/20):

    Super Battle Droid (0/10)

    Droideka (0/5):

    Grapple Droideka (0/2)

    Battle Droid Tank Driver (0/4):

    Geonosian Warrior (0/6):

    Security Battle Droid (0/10):

    Pilot Battle Droid (0/6):

    Rocket Battle Droid (0/8):

    Geonosian Pilot (0/6):

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