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    Hello! You might have noticed there hasn't been any recent CUUSOO Creations. This is because I have decided to move CUUSOO Creations, to Blogger! I used to be a blogger before I joined Wikia, so I have more grips with how Blogger works. The site will be updated weekly, starting with CUUSOO Creations - 01! Each post will now consist of 5 creations, and other features will be added to the blog along the way.

    Keep checking back here for the link to the blog sometime next week!

    -Creeper S

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    Oooo, a new toolbar... plus some brand new CUUSOO Creations!

    I've never played Portal or Portal 2 before, but I must say looking at these sets make the game look 10x better than I thought it was! Brickthing has used some incredible editing technology (looking quite similar to the Space Marines), to create this incredibly designed set! It may feature a few custom pieces, but the spectacular sight might overlook it. But there is the fact that a new licence will be needed. So, I am horrified to say that this set will not pass the review.

    Messed up toolbar... Wait what? Did I just encounter a creation so amazing, that it just has to be featured here? Why yes I did! Wild Encounters features a series of animal families, including Elk, Cheetah, Shee…

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    CUUSOO Creations - 11

    June 23, 2012 by Creeper S

    This week looks interesting, with some more CUUSOO Creations!

    From the creators of EVE Online: Rifter, czar brings to you, Castle Crashers! From what I have heard, this is an XBLA game, featuring some knights and bad guys. Although I love my Xbox, I haven't heard of this game before. Still, I am intrigued by the quality in the set. The custom pieces rock, especially the bad guys helmets. But, as sad as this is to say, this set will not pass the review, once achieved. It requires a new licence, new moulds and is not based on 1 set. Overall, I love it! (I would recommend checking out the game!)

    It has been a while since I have seen a medieval set not entirely based on knights or fighting. The exquisite design captures the features of what a wiz…

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    CUUSOO Creations - 10

    June 16, 2012 by Creeper S

    This is the 10th edition of CUUSOO Creations! Below, you will see a line up of randomly chosen creations from LEGO CUUSOO, as voted by you!

    As a person from Britain, this creations caught my eye! The stunning detail in the range of Mini Cooper's are incredible. Complete with a number plate, headlights, grill and even some detailed wing mirrors, Mini Cooper's can't get any better than this! Looking at the interior design was like looking at the real thing. A radio in the front, speakers in the back, handbreak, and time. Time and thought put into this creation. And that is why it deserves to be on CUUSOO Creations!

    This has been up on CUUSOO for some time now, but I decided not to put it in until now, because of its potential. This Labyrinth i…

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    CUUSOO Creations - 09

    June 10, 2012 by Creeper S

    Here is the 9th blog post of CUUSOO Creations!

    This creation is epic! I have always stuggled with creating things like this, simply because I have small range of bricks. Hardsuits are mechanical suits for your minifigures. They are nothing like the Exo Suit, as they are much smaller and consist of less pieces. The creator states that these have become quite popular with TFOL's and AFOL's. This idea meets all of the expectations for a creation to pass. Great little set, meets all expectations and very inspiring.

    Since LEGO has been putting so many mythical creatures in the Minifigures series, why not have it's own set? Legolympus is a set all about Gods, myhtical creatures and Mount Olympus. This set shouldn't require any licencing or any new…

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