Here is the 9th blog post of CUUSOO Creations!



This creation is epic! I have always stuggled with creating things like this, simply because I have small range of bricks. Hardsuits are mechanical suits for your minifigures. They are nothing like the Exo Suit, as they are much smaller and consist of less pieces. The creator states that these have become quite popular with TFOL's and AFOL's. This idea meets all of the expectations for a creation to pass. Great little set, meets all expectations and very inspiring.



Since LEGO has been putting so many mythical creatures in the Minifigures series, why not have it's own set? Legolympus is a set all about Gods, myhtical creatures and Mount Olympus. This set shouldn't require any licencing or any new pieces. I think it is great idea, and could possibly become a future LEGO CUUSOO set. So overall, good idea, cool set, might pass the review.

LEGO Digital Designer Mobile


Of course, this idea will not pass the review, but still has great potential. I would personally love to see LDD on my iPod, as LEGO have gone slightly mad with releasing some pointless apps. I mean we don't need an app just to watch Ninjago videos. This app may take some time, and may take up a lot of memory on your device, but it would be worth it! Great idea, would be amazing on iPad and iPhone but will never pass the review.

Ideas needed

Next week is the 10th edition of CUUSOO Creations, and I need you people reading this to give me some ideas from CUUSOO, that I have, or have not already featured. I will then pick the ones I think should feature! So get over to CUUSOO and post those links in the comments!

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