Oooo, a new toolbar... plus some brand new CUUSOO Creations!


Thinking with Portals!

Portal 2

I've never played Portal or Portal 2 before, but I must say looking at these sets make the game look 10x better than I thought it was! Brickthing has used some incredible editing technology (looking quite similar to the Space Marines), to create this incredibly designed set! It may feature a few custom pieces, but the spectacular sight might overlook it. But there is the fact that a new licence will be needed. So, I am horrified to say that this set will not pass the review.

Wild Encounters

Wild encounters

Messed up toolbar... Wait what? Did I just encounter a creation so amazing, that it just has to be featured here? Why yes I did! Wild Encounters features a series of animal families, including Elk, Cheetah, Sheep and even Wolf families! I love these so much because, the only LEGO animal pieces I have are a red and green snake, plus Bullseye, and maybe an owl somewhere. But anyway, this creation bring so many more animals into the LEGO world! You can build yourself a nature preserve, or a small farm! Despite the fact all of the pieces will need a new mould, this set will pass the review!

Jedi Mission Battle Pack

Jedi battle pack

In the comments, say 'Jedi FTW!' if you would love to own this set! Because this is something LEGO has missed out. All these Clone Trooper Battle Packs, Endor Battle Packs etc. Never once has a Battle Pack contained a Jedi. Now a whole Battle Pack containing nothing but Jedi, well, correct if I am wrong but, this set will pass the review!


Which creation would you want to see become a LEGO set?

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