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  • Csk5

    Xmastoys is dead.

    January 22, 2012 by Csk5

    I just went on to Youtube to check Xmastoy's account and find out if he added the new Ninjago Episodes, and I discovered some tragic news. He is dead. His account was shut down by Cartoon Network for copyright infringement, and according to other sources, he commited suicuide. Apparently he did post the Green Ninja video, but it has been shut down and now all his videos are lost. I guess all the wiki can do right now is wait for Ninjago Rise of the Snakes to come out on DVD, but I think we should all mourn the death of someone who provided nice, solid information for us and helped our knowledge grow in Ninjago.

    In other news, the summer Ninjago sets will PACKED full of new snake figurines and molds for us to enjoy, as well as some REALLY ep…

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  • Csk5

    For those who want to watch the new Ninjago Episodes, look no further! Will post every one currently available, so check back for more over time. In the mean time, wait for the episode that reveals the identity of the Green Ninja! Episodes listed newest to oldest.

    EPISODE 3 For those who want to see Jay's parents, the Fangpyre, plus the origin of the ninja's vehichles and where the elemental dragons went, this is the episode you're looking for. This entry in the ninja's adventures bridges the gap in their journey and makes room for things to come in the series.

    EPISODE 4 Lloyd makes the biggest mistake of his life in opening the tomb of Pythor P. Chumsworth, a dirty-rotten traitor who uses Lloyd and later steals the map to the other Serpentin…

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  • Csk5

    This is a scene from my Minecraft fanstory of Chapter 5: Nether Invasion. I'll get the just of it for now, but I'll post more on tuesday. This leads into a new Herobrine Saga.

    Crash, BTW, is the main character's pet Slime (an enemy in Minecraft).

    "The rocks beneath me quacked violently as the rock shifted. Before I knew it, me and Herobrine were falling on the loose chunk of Nether Rack into the sea of lava below. Crash hung on tightly as the splash knocked us down. I stood back up and noticed that we somehow mangaed to survive the fall from the cliff, but the earthquakes were too violent. Another chunk of rock fell down next to us, sending a wave of lava splashing into the unstable platform beneath us. Nether was coming down, and if I was g…

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  • Csk5

    As we near the truths about the Green Ninja, it's time to go over more mysteries. Have fun speculating.

    First of all, lets guess at something. Just WHO or WHAT the heck is Zane's Falcon? Sure it does little dances and copies Zane's movements, but it is much more than that, as Nya's bracelet is. Does the bird belong to Wu, or is it say, someone from Zane's past...? In other related news, the falcon appears in Zane's dream about the Green Ninja about fifty times. How is the bird related to this ninja? And even more, how does Lloyd being a tiny kid, transform into a great tall ninja? Tune in to Cartoon Network on January 11th to watch the origin of the fifth ninja... now, for one more mysterious mystery of Ninjago mysteries: Blacksmith Royalty…

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  • Csk5

    The TRUE Ninjago Dark Lord

    January 5, 2012 by Csk5

    In the first episode of the Rise of the Snakes series, I noticed something peculiar. The Ninja pull out a scroll that foretells the coming of a Green Ninja. First of all, how would the Sensei know? Here's my theory, or "scientific guess."

    Long ago, Sensei Wu probably thought of training his own team of ninjas with Garmadon, before he turned evil. Garmadon probably was going to have his son around then, and he was going to become one of the future ninjas. However, Garmadon turned evil and completely set back Wu's plans.

    My second theory is right around the creation times, there already were five ninjas. My guess is Garmadon knocked out the rest of the ninjas, thinking they would get in his way, and then thought he could head for Wu alone. The…

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