I've gone over the identity of the Green Ninja, but now it's time for another mystery to be solved: Samurai X.

Nya was just a simple blacksmith, but her life got forced around real quick when getting captured by skeleton warriors. But did this simple damsel in distress have more to her that meets the eye? Well, duh. In the Ninjago misadventure short "Secrets of the Blacksmith", Nya equips a mysterious bracelet with a red jewel. This is a wee bit odd however, for if Nya were to wear a simple bracelet, wouldn't Lego just've given her it at the beginning of the show? Nya continues to wear it to the current episode, but what secrets does it really hold? And if Nya is to become Samurai X in the near future, does this mysterious piece of jewelry hold a part? And if it does, where did it come from? Here we have many questions, which hope to soon be answered. In the episode "Rise of the Snakes" Nya wishes she had her own dragon which Sensei Wu replies in saying that she will in time. To make some more matters revolving Samurai X appear, in the UPCOMING episode "The Royal Blacksmiths", it appears Kai and Nya are secretly of royalty! Is this the possible appearance of the all-new hero? The bracelet apparently does mean something, and it is possible this is from their royal past. Only time will tell, but Nya is the Royal Samurai X for sure.

Strangely as a side-fact, another upcoming episode "The Green Ninja" sets to be aired right after this one.

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