As we near the truths about the Green Ninja, it's time to go over more mysteries. Have fun speculating.

First of all, lets guess at something. Just WHO or WHAT the heck is Zane's Falcon? Sure it does little dances and copies Zane's movements, but it is much more than that, as Nya's bracelet is. Does the bird belong to Wu, or is it say, someone from Zane's past...? In other related news, the falcon appears in Zane's dream about the Green Ninja about fifty times. How is the bird related to this ninja? And even more, how does Lloyd being a tiny kid, transform into a great tall ninja? Tune in to Cartoon Network on January 11th to watch the origin of the fifth ninja... now, for one more mysterious mystery of Ninjago mysteries: Blacksmith Royalty.

In the upcoming episode "The Royal Blacksmiths", and episode right before the Green Ninja is revealed, it hints that the only blacksmiths in the show (Kai and Nya) were of royal bloodline. One other question is why did their family become simple blacksmiths? And does the bracelet Nya wear come from their royalty, and if so, is it behind the origin of "Samurai X"?

Reply away!

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