In the first episode of the Rise of the Snakes series, I noticed something peculiar. The Ninja pull out a scroll that foretells the coming of a Green Ninja. First of all, how would the Sensei know? Here's my theory, or "scientific guess."

Long ago, Sensei Wu probably thought of training his own team of ninjas with Garmadon, before he turned evil. Garmadon probably was going to have his son around then, and he was going to become one of the future ninjas. However, Garmadon turned evil and completely set back Wu's plans.

My second theory is right around the creation times, there already were five ninjas. My guess is Garmadon knocked out the rest of the ninjas, thinking they would get in his way, and then thought he could head for Wu alone. The original five ninjas, Wu, Garmadon, (possibly Zane's father), (possibly Kai's father), and two others would've been the true masters of Spinjitzu, until Garmadon stepped in. Garmadon would've actually been the Green Ninja then, and the scroll that foretold the ninja was made by the first master of Spinjitzu who wanted Garmadon to be the ninja. Kai's father was probably confronted by Garmadon, who threatened him to leave the Monastery or Wu would die (according to the Ninjago handbook, Wu and Kai's father were friends). To save his friend, he left, but Zane's father stayed. When Garmadon threatened him to leave too, he fought back, but was turned into a falcon with black magic. Then, the battle between brothers broke out...

Is Garmadon REALLY evil? Or was there another dark lord back then that lurked in the shadows that the ninja were going to face? Did this dark lord possess Garmadon, too? Once the battle between Lloyd and his father sets into place, we may learn...

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