thumb|300px|right|Ninjago Episode 5, Can of worms PT. 2 thumb|300px|right|Ninjago Episode 5, Can of worms PT. 1 thumb|300px|right|Ninjago Episode 4, Never trust a snake PT. 2 thumb|300px|right|Ninjago Episode 4, Never trust a snake PT.1 thumb|300px|right|Ninjago Episode 3, Snakebit PT.2 thumb|300px|right|Ninjago Episode 3, Snakebit PT. 1

For those who want to watch the new Ninjago Episodes, look no further! Will post every one currently available, so check back for more over time. In the mean time, wait for the episode that reveals the identity of the Green Ninja! Episodes listed newest to oldest.

EPISODE 3 For those who want to see Jay's parents, the Fangpyre, plus the origin of the ninja's vehichles and where the elemental dragons went, this is the episode you're looking for. This entry in the ninja's adventures bridges the gap in their journey and makes room for things to come in the series.

EPISODE 4 Lloyd makes the biggest mistake of his life in opening the tomb of Pythor P. Chumsworth, a dirty-rotten traitor who uses Lloyd and later steals the map to the other Serpentine tombs. This episode is quite interesting, minus the fact that the babys Lloyd steals candy from are his size, and the whole snake-kid friendship is just plain freaky.

EPISODE 5 Lloyd's with the ninjas now, but Pythor is still on the loose freeing other Serpentine. The ninjas divide in two groups to stop them, but their battles end in near-death without the help of a mysterious Samurai. This episode is the very first appearance of the mysterious Samurai X, and if you look closely, Samurai X flees just as Destiny's Bounty appears... odd...

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