• Cyrus Soul

    Several criminals appears everyday in the galaxy,so heroes must upgrade abilities to stop them.

    - Can you build a skilled criminal to overwhelm the Hero Factory and keep the galaxy to chaos? -

    - All creations need: Image,Name,Type,Abilities,Description.

    - Types can be only these ones:
    Fire: Based on plasma and energy.
    Iron: Based on exclusive use of cybernetic parts.
    Shield: Based on self-defence.(shield-like pieces required)
    Venom: Based on poison abilities.
    Insect: Based on six-legged-like creatures.
    Psichic: Based on psichic powers.
    Electricity: Based on electric abilities.
    - A user can public more creations,but only one of them will be judged.
    - You can use only LDD.
    - You can't use any official Hero Factory set.
    - If you don't respect these rules,y…

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  • Cyrus Soul

    Hero Factory 6.0 Version

    February 15, 2012 by Cyrus Soul

    Ethan Eshex 6.0
    Stormer 6.0
    Evo 6.0
    Bulk 6.0
    Rocka 6.0

    Frozen Emperor
    Ice Brute

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  • Cyrus Soul

    2013 LEGO Ninjago Ideas

    January 11, 2012 by Cyrus Soul

    Other threating tribes of serpentines are emerged and ninjas needs weapons to destroy this new menace.The ninja Spirit form is the most powerful and destructive of all versions.With this ability,enemies have no chance.

    The Ninjas
    Kai: Flame Lion
    Cole: Earth Kabutomushi
    Zane: Icy Ape
    Jay: Lightning Eagle

    The Serpentine
    Phantomai (ability: intagibility;telekinesis)
    Cyberserpens (ability: adaptation)
    More coming soon...

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