• CzechMate


    February 1, 2014 by CzechMate


    Message to Brickipedia:

    Brickipedia on Brickimedia is the same thing as it is here. You still have your edits there, your best buds and more. The layout is slightly different. But if you choose to move, the site guarantees to be a great part of the LEGO community, less annoying ads, less overlord influence. Chat is also on Brickimedia too.

    And to those who will contribute to both wikis - you need to choose one, if you are loyal.

    Editing at brickimedia and wikia means you are going against the idea of brickimedia.



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  • CzechMate

    Whatever is going on

    December 5, 2013 by CzechMate

    Honestly, this whole saga of events seems to repeat itself. I'm not saying that block of Meiko was fair, but I'm not saying it isn't a bit er..hypochondriac-y by Wikia. I respect their idea of this site, but I disrespect their ways of reducing our problems.

    Wikia does seem to almost want a chance to block a competitor. I don't blame them. And honestly, the whole Meiko saga does repeat itself.

    My own opinion on all of this is really that if Wikia want us to stay, they need to understand that Brickimedia being mentioned is inevitable.

    Honestly, Wikia. I mentioned brickimedia a few times now. Does this mean that I am advertising?

    Another issue, too.

    Can everyone pleeease just stop with all this Wikia hate/user hate going on around here. The site has…

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  • CzechMate

    The truth

    November 4, 2013 by CzechMate

    Well, I guess there is some explaining to do.

    After Wikia had banned Meiko, there was a plan amongst the "team" (administrative team, and a few others). Meiko could come back, but under "my" name. It was a sacrifice for both of us. Silence, Doctor is Meiko.

    And, well...

    I thought I needed a new identity myself. I was so sick of my past here under CzechMate. I wanted to be someone new. So I created SkyDrift. Everything was planned out well, especially when I was away during my time in hospital. Yes, the administrative team sort of planned this. Well, when I say a team, I mean about 3 admins, and also one or two others :P

    So, there is the truth.

    I don't know quite what to do right now, and before you comment something negative, think this:

    I did thi…

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  • CzechMate

    Anyway the wind blows

    September 4, 2013 by CzechMate

    ...doesn't really me.


    Well, I have gone out an tried to be active here again, but lately, just lately, the wiki has lost its way.

    We used to be an encyclopedia, now we are just some sig-fig populated, anti-mainspace wiki.

    I don't even dare call it a wiki.

    After a long saga of events, I have decided enough is enough for me. I don't really want to return here. I tried, and tried to stay active, but for what cause? Seeing pointless blogs populate us?

    I also find it hard to stay here when I found that there is almost noone here I can stand is still around. I am done.

    After the events of CM4S blocking, based off the fact to me that CHAT DOES…

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  • CzechMate

    Milestone X

    August 31, 2013 by CzechMate

    Anyway, I recently hit 10,000 edits. A milestone for anyone.

    I thought I would give you an accurate background of me.

    I was born February 7th.

    I live in Sydney .

    I am an atheist, meaning I do not believe a "god" or deity exists.

    In other things, I play football . I played as goalkeeper, but now more as a attacking midfielder.

    I like LEGO, space, science, and such. I have collected every set in Monster Fighters

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