...doesn't really me.


Well, I have gone out an tried to be active here again, but lately, just lately, the wiki has lost its way.

We used to be an encyclopedia, now we are just some sig-fig populated, anti-mainspace wiki.

I don't even dare call it a wiki.

After a long saga of events, I have decided enough is enough for me. I don't really want to return here. I tried, and tried to stay active, but for what cause? Seeing pointless blogs populate us?

I also find it hard to stay here when I found that there is almost noone here I can stand is still around. I am done.

After the events of CM4S blocking, based off the fact to me that CHAT DOES END UP AFFECTING MAINSPACE. Keeping a blocked chat user like him on the main wiki is a disgrace. CM4S is given far too many chances here, if he was any other user, he'd have been blocked by now.

And then there are other users, who consistently try and provoke ToaMeiko. Some of you might not agree with me here, but when several users spend their time trying to get a reaction of him, and see him lose whatever he has, that is disgusting.

Whenever Brickimedia comes up, I will be there. I am sick of this site.

I can only thank a few users now

  • Berrybrick
  • Meiko
  • KoN
  • CJC
  • Cligra
  • BFN

The only people I can stand anymore.

Sure, you can say I am melodramatic, over-exaggerating, immature or whatever with this blog - but remember - I have tried hard to work well under this wiki. I have been here for 2 years, under that time I have seen some good, and horrible parts of this wiki.

And no, do not just comment on here saying why I am wrong, or whatever, because I feel like that would be low for anyone.

If you want to chat to me, just find me elsewhere, but not here.



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