Hi ppl. I basically having a small editing army. It's based more for anyone (Unlike NHL's). Ranks! Every edit equals 5 points!! Every picture is 15 points, a category is 20 points and a new page is 50 points!! If you get a lucky edit when you edit, Plus 60 points!!!
BvfvUltimate Mega Impossible Penguin-Crazed Penguin- CollectableMinifig4Scientist- Darth henry
BvfvHead Penguin-
BvfvVice Captain-
BvfvJunior Captain-
BvfvMarquee Penguin-EMPT
BvfvEnforcer Penguin-EMPTYY
250px-AlienandroidJunior Marquee-EMPTY
ImagesCANKD3H0Scout Penguin-EMPTY
HtvhthPenguin Soldier-EMPTY
200px-Penguin3Private-Legosuperheroesfan-Power Jim

To get to the ranks see this.

  • Ultimate Mega Impossible Penguin= 2500
  • Head Penguin= 350
  • Vice Captain= 250
  • Junior Captain= 190
  • Marquee Penguin= 160
  • Junior Marquee=140
  • Enforcer Penguin= 100
  • Scout= 50
  • Penguin Soldier =25
  • Private =0

To join just make a comment below. Pictures for ranks coming soon.

NEWS! Leosuperheroesfan has been demoted to private.

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