Hey guys!!

I do have another contest

This one is basically like CM4S' one but you don't win a minifigure, but the minifigure you used will be in the template :D

What to do

Make a thing for your minifigure which can be from Series 1-6, Example: Vampire Series 2: Coffin and Mini-Tower. You MUST include the minifigure in your entry.


  • You CAN use LDD, But I'd prefer if you didn't, as it may make your entry not as highly voted.
  • No copying ideas (if you have the same idea, that is fine)
  • It must be creative
  • Can you use custom parts: I'd prefer if you didn't
  • How many entries per person? 2. You can enter 2, but both will be judged seperately
  • How many minifigures? You can have 1-3 in your creation

2nd version

You can do the same but with a custom minifigure and a scene for them, same rules apply :)


I'd like it if you put entries on my talk page please.

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