Anyway, I recently hit 10,000 edits. A milestone for anyone.

I thought I would give you an accurate background of me.

I was born February 7th.

I live in Sydney (straya mate).

I am an atheist, meaning I do not believe a "god" or deity exists.

In other things, I play football (soccer). I played as goalkeeper, but now more as a attacking midfielder.

I like LEGO, space, science, and such. I have collected every set in Monster Fighters <3

Out of DC and Marvel, I slightly prefer Marvel. As Spider-Man was my favourite thing when I was younger.

For movies, I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man series (except 3), pixar films, and most super hero films (but not Green Lantern :P).

For TV, I like The Simpsons, Spectacular Spider-Man, Horrible Histories, and stuff like that.

I /have/ played Minecraft, LEGO Universe, and ROBLOX.

I am the type of person who enjoys listening to others, and reading.

I do design in LEGO Digital Designer, as it is a great tool.

I hate social networking (like Wikia has become :P). But I do have a flickr.

Anyway, that wraps it up for me.

Thanks to anyone who has called me a friend over the years, like Bug, Power Jim, Berry, Sci, Knight, KoN, CJC, Meiko, SoH, and such.

Thanks Bricki for the great memories :)

-el czecho

oh, and this time last month was my bricki-vers-ary-thingy-ma-jigy

2 years!

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