I'd just like to say thanks to a few users on here, for making me the penguin I am.

  • Power Jim - You where my first friend on this site and someone I can trust with everything :)
  • Tat - Thanks for being an awesome friend an person I can feel free to talk to at anytime.
  • Cligra - You've been really nice to me throughout my journey here :)
  • Knight - You are really nice and friendly knight, even if you are from Morcia :P
  • SKP - The nicest guy on the wiki, you never get mad or even upset about something, you stand your ground :)
  • Ajr - One of the most interesting people on this wiki, a really friendly guy :)
  • Zero, Br1ck and CGCJ - I had a few problems with you guys before but I can say you guys are awesome :D
  • Darth henry - A good friend and someone who has my complete trust.
  • Legosoldier10 - A good friend on this wiki!
  • Bug - An awesome chatmod on here and a good friend!
  • MT - Awesome friend and someone who understands moi.

(Anyone wondering why I made this, my Rfa has made me pretty happy :D)

--Czech 01:08, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

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