Could it be?

I have heard MANY rumours of 2 things: Star Wars Minifigs and Space Pod AC set.

Firstly, The SW Figs. I have heard that there could be packs with up to 10 of SW minifigure packets. I have made Up my own.

  • 1.Scout Trooper (Damaged)
  • 2.Senator Philo
  • 3.Commander Bly
  • 4.Coleman Kcaj (Ep II)
  • 5.Stass Allie
  • 6.Oppo Rancisis (Using snakes from Ninjago legs.)
  • 7.Anzatii Assasian
  • 8.Naboo Guard
  • 9.Faie
  • 10.Gold Darth Vader

Then The Space Pod set. Many have been wanting it. The pics above i found. (I know they are MOCs, But it is something pic worthy.) Any comments?

--Czech 23:35, December 20, 2011 (UTC)

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