I have thinking about what CM4S said on his blog. I have been thinking hard. Two possible themes!!

Super 8

The movie came out this year. Isn't a bad idea. Good amount of action. I mean, If they allow movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars (both have M movies) Why can't we have this movie.

Suggestion Set/Features

A music brick with the song "Don't bring me down". The Train Scene. Would be HUGE.

More to follow....


Rumoured TWICE recently. A lovely remake please. I cried when I read the letter to BIONICLE Fans. I was so disapointed. And HERO Factory?/? Heaps of people saying they are goin out of buissness. Example: When i went to buy something, I saw the HF Prices....AU$5.99! Bargain. Cheap. Very cheap.


More of the old stuff. Lewa battle damaged maybe.....Kopaka and the rest too! Zombie BIONICLE would be a great way to restart things with BIONICLE. I'm really for it. Giant Zombie leader dude.

More to follow....

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