Well after seeing Chronicle, I think I should make a more realistic Super Hero/Villain story.

I have a few ideas but mostly tying together lots of already made ones.

Ramage Xzas vs The Splinter

Ramage Xzas is the hero in this one, with his enemy, The Splinter who has the ability to attack someone through mental waves, of which he can eneter a mind, thus "splintering" their mind, leaving them either gone or just about to. Ramage's weakness is his legs, with them being artificial and old.

Something else

I have a general idea but no names. I have an idea of the villain, Der Kaiser, who is a German/ South African man who went crazy after he found the ability to interact with Electricity, His "weapon" is a Power Gun, which needs to hands to hold but shoots ice cold spikes. His Nemesis is unknown.

Berrybrick, I need YOU to give me more ideas!!!

--Czech 06:16, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

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