Well, I guess there is some explaining to do.

After Wikia had banned Meiko, there was a plan amongst the "team" (administrative team, and a few others). Meiko could come back, but under "my" name. It was a sacrifice for both of us. Silence, Doctor is Meiko.

And, well...

I thought I needed a new identity myself. I was so sick of my past here under CzechMate. I wanted to be someone new. So I created SkyDrift. Everything was planned out well, especially when I was away during my time in hospital. Yes, the administrative team sort of planned this. Well, when I say a team, I mean about 3 admins, and also one or two others :P

So, there is the truth.

I don't know quite what to do right now, and before you comment something negative, think this:

I did this to help Meiko, who was banned -just- before he got adminship. I did this to help Meiko help the community. To help Brickipedia/media.

I planned on merging CzechMate and SkyDrift once we got to brickimedia, and the truth would have been told then.

(oh, and on a similar note. Can we all just please move along with all this stuff about nuff/whoever.)

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