Honestly, this whole saga of events seems to repeat itself. I'm not saying that block of Meiko was fair, but I'm not saying it isn't a bit er..hypochondriac-y by Wikia. I respect their idea of this site, but I disrespect their ways of reducing our problems.

Wikia does seem to almost want a chance to block a competitor. I don't blame them. And honestly, the whole Meiko saga does repeat itself.

My own opinion on all of this is really that if Wikia want us to stay, they need to understand that Brickimedia being mentioned is inevitable.

Honestly, Wikia. I mentioned brickimedia a few times now. Does this mean that I am advertising?

Another issue, too.

Can everyone pleeease just stop with all this Wikia hate/user hate going on around here. The site has been negative lately, especially with a few users who are considered "troublesome" getting blocked. This is going to be simple - if you dislike a user who is known to overreact, don't ignite a larger flame.

-Czech's last vigil.

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