^^^What I see everyday this is CP Rant #3 & #4 plus #5.


Whenever I kick a new user on chat for misbehaving they either a) Go to my talkpage saying it was their borther b) Make a useless blog explaining why they shouldn't be banned. This is kinda a response to NHL's blog, Less blogs on being kicked, blocked etc. If you'd like to be unbanned go to BP:AN.

Rant #4

Another thing annoying me is people saying "This user shouldn't be a mod, they kicked me for spamming when they only gave me 2 warnings." Well, You get a warning coming in so, In my chat mod rules, It's 2 warnings. Disagree if you wish, but it is true. Don't you have a life to attend to if you get kicked? Go outside and play with your cat/goldfish.

Rant #5

I'm seeing a heap load of Bububub-esque blogs, *cough*Exio Matrix*cough*. Saying things in your blog like: How do I join other wikis? or "why does every1 hate mee?" is stupid. We have new forums up and you still can't be bothered to check them out?

Thank you for reading the beloved rants.


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