• DC Comic Nerd

    Hello everyone! After talking to Sannse and ToaMatau2004 we have come to a consensus that we will have a contest! It will be a mash-up themed contest. An example is Galidor and Fabuland being mixed. The idea is that you make a back story for the theme and then make a set for it.

    Judges as of now are:

    • DocDoom2
    • LEGOcrazy!01

    • Must only be two themes
    • Must only be one set
    • You are limited to two entries (each being two different themes)
    • No inappropriate entries or descriptions (that will lead to consequences)
    • Descriptions must be one paragraph
    • The entry must be on a customs page and commented in the blog
    • All entries must be in by August 31st
    • Must be in real life or LDD/LDraw

    1st: A 1st Place Template
    2nd: A 2nd Place Template
    3rd: A 3rd Place Template

    All othe…

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  • DC Comic Nerd

    Hello, I'm DC Comic Nerd.(aka DCCN) Today I was just skimming through and I found something called F-12 and it was about editing armies. I think if I read up more on it we could have them back and running again. With some new ideas. I'll elaborate more in the future. Another issue that is happening that ToaMatau2004 and I had talked about. Active members, I do believe we need more of them seeing there are really only 3 productive editors on this wiki. (As far as I know from the time I started editing I went from #1000+ to #254 in a mere 27 hours.) I don't know what happened to everyone either... It's really odd how all these people just left. Kinda just vanished. Anyways, we have a solid amount of people on here. If we were all active for a…

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