Hello everyone! After talking to Sannse and ToaMatau2004 we have come to a consensus that we will have a contest! It will be a mash-up themed contest. An example is Galidor and Fabuland being mixed. The idea is that you make a back story for the theme and then make a set for it.

Judges as of now are:

  • DocDoom2
  • LEGOcrazy!01


  • Must only be two themes
  • Must only be one set
  • You are limited to two entries (each being two different themes)
  • No inappropriate entries or descriptions (that will lead to consequences)
  • Descriptions must be one paragraph
  • The entry must be on a customs page and commented in the blog
  • All entries must be in by August 31st
  • Must be in real life or LDD/LDraw


1st: A 1st Place Template
2nd: A 2nd Place Template
3rd: A 3rd Place Template

All other participants: a very shiny template


1st- Ultra Agents: Dino Battle Mech by Googlydoe
2nd- Phoenix Beast: Bird of Fire Mr.reporter
3rd- Toa Gorm by ToaMatau2004


Good luck everyone! WinkEmote
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