Hello, I'm DC Comic Nerd.(aka DCCN) Today I was just skimming through and I found something called F-12 and it was about editing armies. I think if I read up more on it we could have them back and running again. With some new ideas. I'll elaborate more in the future. Another issue that is happening that ToaMatau2004 and I had talked about. Active members, I do believe we need more of them seeing there are really only 3 productive editors on this wiki. (As far as I know from the time I started editing I went from #1000+ to #254 in a mere 27 hours.) I don't know what happened to everyone either... It's really odd how all these people just left. Kinda just vanished. Anyways, we have a solid amount of people on here. If we were all active for awhile that'd be awesome as I will be away from the 28th to the 1st or 2nd as I am going on a trip, have one week of editing then be on a missions trip 500+ miles away from home.

Retouching the point of F-12 revival. How about we have a year long competition until every December where we will see results and make new teams? This one would start in Jan. 2015. The winning team would get awards to put on their userpage and be a featured group on Brickipedian of the Month. That'd be pretty cool. And if wikia donated prizes that'd be even cooler. Or we could get sponsors. But I don't know any. It'd probably bring editing up a lot. Thus concluding my blog.

Regards, DC Comics Nerd (DCCN)

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