Hello everyone!

There are more rumors of Summer 2015 sets coming out of both Eurobricks and Brickset this morning. First off, Eurobricks member Cyrtanthus has provided some information on a new LEGO City Train that will be added to the Summer lineup with the Heavy-Haul Train (60098). There’s no other details of what the Heavy-Haul Train is like or how much it costs but it’s another train that you can add to your City along with the current High-Speed Passenger Train (60051) and the Cargo Train (60052).

The other rumor/confirmed news is for the LEGO Mixels sets courtesy of Brickset. Their database has been updated and both Series 5 and 6 have been listed although there’s no names for Series 5 yet. Like the previous series, there will be nine Mixels from three different tribes in each wave.

Series 5 41536 41537 41538 41539 41540 41541 41542 41543 41544

Series 6 Kramm (41545) Forx (41546) Wuzzo (41547) Dribbal (41548) Gurggle (41549) Slusho (41550) Snax (41551) Berp (41552) Vaka-Waka (41553)

Full credit to The Brick Fan for the article!

Also, if anyone who participated in my Holiday Contest wanted to know when the results whould be announced. They will be announced this weekend.

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